What is Employment Placement?

Employment placement can be offered as a business only by corporations or groups who are licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. (GTEKS License for Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses NO. 13-ユ-307440) Employment placement is consisted of fee-charging employment placement and free employment placement. Basically, employment placement business managed by a private corporation is a fee-charging employment placement business.

An employment agency receives a request for recruitment from a corporation who employs personnel, introduces personnel based on conditions or requirements from the corporation through their own database or placing job advertisements, and receives contingent fees only if the personnel is employed. These are services in general employment placemen. Some employment agencies adopt a mobilization fee system or collect fees from candidates however all are undertaken to the extent stipulated by laws.

In employment placement services by GTEKS, contingent fees will occur only if an employment is concluded. As the scope of occupation types handled in our employment placement, we can cover all except construction business and port transportation business. Employment placement is widely used as one of routes for mid-career employment as well as direct recruiting method via job search sites or paper medium such as newspapers.

In such circumstances, GTEKS offers employment placement while focusing on foreigners and global human resources. Especially, occupation types in which we have expertise are educational fields (English teachers / English communication teachers etc.), translation, interpretation, trade, various localizations and others, in which we offer employment placement of foreigners and global human resource with versatile language skills and extensive skills.